GSM Converter New Zealand

AWP-4747 GSM converter
GSM Converter New Zealand
GSM Converter New Zealand

AWP-4747 GSM converter

Simple installation and operation –

  • NBN not required for home telephone.
  • The GSM Converter has a $12 Amaysim sim card, this enables you to make unlimited local, interstate and mobile calls for just $12 per month when you connect a home phone to the unit – no other charges.
  • No call charges No line rental charges.
  • You can make unlimited calls for just $12 per month.
  • No telephone line required.
  • Has 8 hour battery backup in case of power failure.

Installation Steps:

  1. Insert $12 Amaysim sim card into the GSM converter slot
  2. Connect home phone line cord into the GSM Converter
  3. Connect the GSM power plug into your normal wall socket
  4. Aerial must be about one meter apart
  5. Home phone is now ready for you to make and receive calls

Note – you have a new AMAYSIM PHONE NUMBER example 04033877— When you make calls this new number will appear at the other end unless you block it.
You need to provide your new number to family and friends

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